Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal Solar Heating

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Solar Thermal (as opposed to Solar Electricity or PV) is primarily the process of using sunlight to heat up hot water that is stored in a specially designed twin coil solar cylinder.

solar thermalThe use of evacuated glass tubes to hold the heat transfer fluid massively increases the efficiency of the whole process in the same way that a vacuum flask will keep the contents of a pot of Tea hot for many hours. This means that although in Great Britain we are not blessed with the sunniest of climates, we can still use the heat from the sun to provide us with enough hot water for around 9 to 10 months of the year, and for the remainder of the time we still achieve a good “pre heat” of our water, which means the boiler ultimately has to do less work, use less fuel (gas etc) and therefore save a substantial amount of money. During the summer months for example, a properly installed and designed solar thermal system will provide an abundance of hot water without any need for the gas boiler to even come on.

The Installations include digital, easy to use control units, which show what the cylinder temperature is, what the temperature of the tubes on the roof is, system pressure, number of hours operation, and has many settings that can be adjusted to meet your system design requirements, making solar thermal an ideal source of free hot water particularly when combined with other renewable energy systems such as heat pumps.