Solar PV Panels

Solar PV Panels

Now is the Best time EVER to Invest in Solar Electricity with reduced Solar Panel and Inverter Costs and with electric prices still on the increase, it means that your Solar PV system can pay for itself within 7 to 9 years depending on the orientation of the system, the type of house and the usage of the generated electricity. This gives an excellent  Return On Investment (ROI).

The Solar PV tariffs are still producing up to £600 a year (for a 4.0KWp System under ideal conditions) TAX free & Index Linked for the next 20 Years, and the free electricity generated  can save you £££££££’s off your electricity bill!!

When combined with other Renewable devices such as Heat Pumps or Solar Immersion Heater switches, Solar PV can also make a large contribution to your Under floor heating and Hot water demand. The panels have performance warranties for 25 years which is incomparable with any other product around.





How are the solar panels fixed?

The panels are fitted to the roof by means of 6 or 8 mm stainless steel roof hooks that are bolted down to the main rafters at 900 to 1200 mm centres, depending on rafter size. The roof tiles are laid over the tops of the roof hooks so as to maintain the roof integrity and impermeability. Aluminium rails are then fixed onto the roof hooks and the panels are mounted onto the rails using aluminium torque clamps. Ace Solar only used the best Quality mounting systems made by the Swiss German renowned manufacturer “HILTI” . These systems are built to outlast the 25 year Warranty!

How do the Solar Panels Work?

The panels are made of layers of silicon. When a photon (light particle) hits the first layer, it causes an electron to jump across to the next layer and thereby creates a small electric current. The more photons, the more current. Ace Solar Ltd  use the highest quality German manufactured panels which are incredibly efficient and will work even in low light situations to give the highest possible yield.

The DC current from the solar panels is turned into an AC current by an Inverter. Ace Solar Ltd,  use Market Leading SMA Sunny Boy Inverters, which are up to 97% efficient at converting the DC into AC, and offer a number of wireless communication devices that demonstrate to the customer exactly what the solar panel systems are generating, and can turn on and off certain domestic appliances such as Immersion heaters, electric under floor heating etc throughout the household when there is sufficient solar generated electricity.

How Does the Feed in tariff Work and what’s going to happen in the future?

A Typical 4 KWp Solar PV System will generate over  3000 KWh’s (units) of electricity a year, and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has agreed under the feed in tariff scheme to pay the customer for each and every unit that they generate for a total 20 YEAR PERIOD !! The customer also gets a smaller amount for electricity that is exported back into the National Electric Grid Network. The starting figure for the “FEED IN TARIFF” amount is reduced every 3 months in line with the ongoing reductions in the costs of manufacturing solar panels. Eventually there will no longer be a feed in tariff, so NOW must be the right time to invest in solar power while there is still a financial incentive ?

What Happens if I sell my House?

You have 2 options :

1) You sell the house and the feed in tariff contract or
2) You sell the house and keep the feed in tariff contract and ownership of the panels until the end of year 20 in the same way as the “rent a roof” organisations.

In either case, a simple solar PV clause would be written in to the title deeds of that particular property.

What is “Rent a Roof“?

There are a small number of companies that will install free solar panels on your roof in the contractual understanding that they are the owners of the solar Installations and therefore will benefit from the feed in tariffs for the 20 year period. The house owner benefits from the free electricity but looses the 20 year feed in tariff contract. Ace Solar Ltd offer our customers who do not have the available cash a finance scheme which allows them to install a full system with a 20 year contract for the feed in tariff. The finance will be paid for during the 6 year payback period, thereafter leaving the customer to benefit from the remaining 14 years of Tariff and a lifetimes worth of free electricity.

A Typical Domestic Solar photovoltaic schematic drawing

  1. Inverter/Smart Energy storage system converts DC current into AC and can be used in the case of the smart energy storage systems to store electricity in a battery back up if required.
  2. Home Management System : Switches on and off certain household appliances using wireless technology, as and when there is sufficient surplus solar power.
  3. Computers communicate with the Inverter via blue tooth so that you can monitor your Solar PV system performance.
  4. Certain household appliances (eg TV’s) can be run using smart energy storage if required.
  5. Washing machine controlled by home manager system.
  6. Dryer controlled by home manager system.
  7. Hot water tank immersion heater can be switched on and off by home manager system.
  8. Heat Pumps will use the FREE solar PV electricity to provide FREE heating and hot water.
  9. Micro CHP (combined heat and power) systems can be used as a controllable source of electric power in the Smart home system.
  10. Any surplus PV electricity is exported into the grid.

Solar PV extras/ad ons

Solar PV communication and monitoring devices

Sunny Beam – Wireless monitor to display and store all of your solar PV data – click here for more information

Sunny View – Advanced Touchscreen solar PV monitoring system – click here for more information

Sunny Home Manager– Automated radio controlled plug socket solar switching system for household appliances – click here for more information

Energy saving devices

Energy saving devices which Ace Solar Ltd can offer.
Solar Water Heating – Eco 2 intelligent solar PV-immersion heater switch” is the AMELEC solar water heater, which switches on the immersion heater when there is sufficient solar electricity to heat up the hot water tank.

Voltis Home Brochure– the Voltis home is a voltage optimiser which ” reduces the household electicity bills by  regulating the incoming voltage and therefore reducing the amount power used in the home

GREEN DEAL finance

GREEN DEAL finance :Ace Solar are approved Green Deal Installers under the Government finance scheme.