Solar PV Panels

Solar PV Panels

Now is the Best time EVER to Invest in Solar Electricity with reduced Solar Panel/Inverter Costs, and with electric prices on the increase, and forecast to double in the next 6 years. Investing your hard earned money on a solar PV system for your property means your money will work for you, save money off your electric bills, help to charge up your electric car, charge up your battery storage for night time use, and also heat up your hot water immersion heater to give you free hot water. Solar PV systems can also be used to help heat your property when combined with heat pump technology.

The panels have performance warranties for 25 years which is incomparable with any other product around.






How are the solar panels fixed?

The panels are fitted to the roof by means of 6 or 8 mm stainless steel roof hooks that are bolted down to the main rafters at 900 to 1200 mm centres, depending on rafter size. The roof tiles are laid over the tops of the roof hooks so as to maintain the roof integrity and impermeability. Aluminium rails are then fixed onto the roof hooks and the panels are mounted onto the rails using aluminium torque clamps. Ace Solar only used the best Quality mounting systems made by the German renowned manufacturer “Schletter” . These systems are built to outlast the 25 year Warranty!

How do the Solar Panels Work?

The panels are made of layers of silicon. When a photon (light particle) hits the first layer, it causes an electron to jump across to the next layer and thereby creates a small electric current. The more photons, the more current. Ace Solar Ltd  use the highest quality German manufactured panels which are incredibly efficient and will work even in low light situations to give the highest possible yield.

The DC current from the solar panels is turned into an AC current by an Inverter.

Is there still a Feed in tariff or grant available?

The government smart export guarantee is available for properties with PV systems installed, although most of our customers are keen on trying to use and store as much of the solar power as possible. This can be done with batteries, electric vehicles and solar immersion heaters for hot water cylinders.


What Happens if I sell my House?

Provided the Solar PV installation is installed by an accredited company such as Ace Solar then there should be no problem. Solicitors will insist on copies of the solar PV  mcs certificate, electrical installation certificate and the correct wind and snow load calculations for the roof in order to proceed with any sale. They may also insist on the following accompanying documentation: 1. DNO (District Network Operator – Western Power etc) notifications, 2. building control notifications and 3. Installation warranties and back up warranties.

A Typical Domestic Solar photovoltaic schematic drawing

  1. Inverter/Smart Energy storage system converts DC current into AC and can be used in the case of the smart energy storage systems to store electricity in a battery back up if required.
  2. Home Management System : Switches on and off certain household appliances using wireless technology, as and when there is sufficient surplus solar power.
  3. Computers communicate with the Inverter via blue tooth or hard wire CAT 5 ethernet cable so that you can monitor your Solar PV system performance.
  4. Certain household appliances (washing machines) can be run using smart energy storage if required.
  5. Washing machine controlled by home manager system.
  6. Dryer controlled by home manager system.
  7. Hot water tank immersion heater can be switched on and off by home manager system.
  8. Heat Pumps will use the FREE solar PV electricity to provide FREE heating and hot water..
  9. Any surplus PV electricity is exported into the grid.

Solar PV extras/ad ons

Battery Storage

Solar Immersion Heaters

Monitoring systems

Heat Pumps