Small Scale Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

The UK has some of the strongest and most consistent winds in Europe, so if you have the right location, small wind systems can be a very effective means of generating your own energy.

Ace Solar Ltd are fully MCS accredited and Green Deal Approved Wind Turbine Installers. All MCS certified wind turbine installations are eligible for the Government Wind Turbine Feed in Tariffs which will vary depending on the size of the turbine installed.

The smallest MCS accredited turbine is 6KW and the cost of installing these 40 foot + high turbines can be very substantial, depending on location and accessibility, and well beyond the budget of most domestic properties. There is also the added complication of applying for planning permission, which can often be very time consuming, costly and is not guaranteed.

However, with electricity costs increasing, more and more people are now installing smaller, non feed in tariff wind turbines on their properties purely as a way of reducing their standby electricity costs, as well as helping the environment by being more energy self sufficient. The smaller turbines do not require planning permission provided they satisfy all of the “permitted development” planning requirements. The main reason why the smaller turbines are not MCS accredited (and therefore not eligible for the feed in tariffs) is because of the exceptionally high cost of the MCS Wind turbine Accreditation procedure which can cost up to one hundred thousand pounds sterling, which is clearly not a viable option for manufacturers who retail their products for only hundreds of pounds.

We at Ace Solar Ltd aim to provide domestic properties and small businesses with an alternative source of renewable electricity which can be generated both at night time and during the dark and dull winter months without the need for costly installations or planning consent. Such systems would serve as an excellent back up to the more prominent solar photovoltaic systems and in particular, can help to contribute to the overall reduction in electricity bills during the periods when photo voltaic panels are not operating.

These small scale wind turbines start at 300 Watts and go up to 1.5 KW (only 2.31m diameter).

wind turbineWind turbines will only work on a windy day, but more to the point, they really need to be situated in a particularly windy location to be of any real use at all. A large percentage of properties are therefore not suited for wind turbine installations, however, properties situated on hilltops and next to exposed areas, fields, oceans etc can benefit from this natural source of energy at minimal costs.

The turbines can either be connected directly into the mains supply through an inverter ready for use in the home or business, or can be used to charge battery banks for stand-alone power systems which would become activated  in the event of a power cut or loss of mains supply etc.

Ace Solar have a variety of affordable differing sized turbines for the budding environmentalists and are happy to discuss both small and large options.