What We do

Ace Solar Ltd are able to offer full consultation on any of the following MCS registered Technologies:

Solar PV Panels

With a full range of Communication and monitoring devices as well as intelligent home power management systems that can switch on and off allocated household appliances from mobile or home based devices.

Solar Thermal

Solar Heating will provide free Hot Water in the Summer months, and help to “pre-heat” the Hot water tank during the remainder of the year, thereby helping to save money on Gas and Electric bills.

Heat Pump Systems

These which provide extremely efficient means of heating the home and hot water by absorbing energy from the surrounding environment and transferring it into the home.

Biomass pellet, log and wood chip systems.

Options include fully automated combined Wood pellet and log Biomass boilers made by top Austrian manufacturers .

Any or all of the above technologies can be combined together to provide the Ideal low energy solutions for both domestic properties and small businesses.

Please feel free to fill in the customer enquiry form and we will be only too happy to try and help provide you with some affordable low energy solutions that fit in with your individual needs and circumstances.

Glossary of terms:

  • MCS: Microgeneration Certification Scheme
  • RHI: Renewable Heat Incentive
  • RECC: Renewable Energy Consumer Code
  • FIT: Feed In Tariff
  • PV: Photo-Voltaic