The cost of gas and electricity is rising each year and the forecast is that this trend will continue.

At Ace Solar Ltd, we believe that with our expertise in Solar PV, and battery Storage systems, combined with our experience and contacts in the renewable energy market place, we can offer all of our customers with the perfect green energy solutions for their homes and business’s. Our aim is to make your money work for you as much as is possible by investing it in the perfect combination of renewable energy technologies. This in turn can help you to significantly reduce the amount of money spent on energy bills, as well as making a contribution to creating a greener and cleaner environment for us all.

The initial cost of renewable energy systems can at first seem difficult to justify, however once the figures have been carefully studied it becomes clear that the money invested in Solar PV , for example, will offer a return far better than any other low risk investments, and that money will continue to work for you well into the future.

The price of many of these technologies has now fallen to a more affordable mainstream option and renewable energy is the financially logical way to future proof your property against massive energy bills. Indeed, a 4.0KWp Solar PV System can cost as little as £3995 to install, depending on the type of property.

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