The cost of gas and electricity is rising each year and the forecast is that this trend will continue.

At Ace Solar Ltd, we believe that we can offer the perfect combination of renewable energies, which can help to significantly reduce the amount of money our customers spend on energy bills, as well as make a contribution to creating a greener environment in which we live. .

There is also the added benefit of all of the financial incentives available from both the feed in tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive schemes (RHI).  In fact, an unshaded south facing property in the Nottingham Area with a 4.0KWp Solar PV System, on a 35 degree roof, could generate 3568 KW hours a year, which would earn £243.43 a year tax free for 20 years from the Solar PV Feed in Tariff.  AND in 2014 the Government introduced  a new  Tariff called “the Renewable Heat Incentive” for Solar Thermal, Biomass and Heat pumps, which is expected to run for 7 years. This can all help our customers to achieve an excellent financial Return on their investment.

The initial cost of low energy/ renewable systems can at first seem difficult to justify, however once the figures have been studied it is clear that most systems can be paid for over a relatively small time scale. The price of many of these technologies has now fallen to a more affordable mainstream option and renewable energy is the financially logical way to future proof your property against massive energy bills. Indeed, a 4.0KWp Solar PV System can cost as little as £5200 to install, depending on the type of property.

Other renewable energies such as solar heating and wood burning stoves are now being used to compliment the Solar PV, by providing free hot water and heating. The end result is a low energy home with minimal heating costs and a yearly tax free income.


Proper Insulation is of course the first stage in such a process and we are happy to discuss all of the options available with our customers.

Please feel free to fill in the customer enquiry form and we will endeavour to get back to you very soon.